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Cheese Free "Chicken" Veggie Pizza

Both vegan AND gluten free! This pizza didn't even need dairy to be delicious! Nor did it need any of the fake cheeses that are offered, but because no cheese was used, it makes this recipe completely nut free as well! Safe for those with nut allergies!

What you will need for this delicious "chicken" veggie pizza:

-1 package of Bob's Red Mill gluten free pizza crust

-Flaxseed (to make 2 flax eggs, instructions on back of crust package)

-Primal Kitchen's Pizza Sauce

-Daring. Vegan "Chicken"

-Red Onion

-Basil and/or Spinach

-Golden Yellow Tomatoes, sliced

-Red Cherry Tomatoes, sliced

-Any other toppings you'd like on your pizza!

First, prepare the crust as the instructions on the back of the bag request. Technically, the entire sitting in the fridge yeast process can be skipped and the crust still turns out really good, just a bit more doughey so beware if you hate that. Next, place the sliced red onion into a pan and cook down a bit before adding the next ingredients. Cook the Daring. "chicken" all the way through in a pan with avocado or olive oil and spice how you'd prefer. Oregano, garlic, sea salt, pepper are all great spiced to add into the chicken for pizza, but you can really take this any direction you’d like! After the initial baking of the crust, take it out, cover with pizza sauce, then place the rest of your toppings onto the top of the pizza - tomatoes, onions, chicken, basil/spinach. Bake as the bag suggests or to your preferred level of cooked-ness in terms of the crust. Once it is done, take it out of the oven, let it cool a bit, and then slice the pizza into portions of your choice! Enjoy!

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