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Plantain Avocado Toast

Some of the best flavors that have ever been put together! Plantains, avocado, sea salt, fresh local honey! A dream come true.

Scroll down for full recipe!

Plantain Avocado Toast:

•2 slices of your favorite gluten free bread, toasted

•100g plantain

•Avocado oil cooking spray



•Sea Salt

Place plantain slices in a pan with a bit of avocado oil and begin to lightly fry. Spice with cinnamon and sea salt. Cook until they become a little crispy around the edges. While the plantains are cooking, toast your bread and slice up half of an avocado. Mash the avocado onto the toast with a fork, top with plantain slices, and drizzle in your favorite local honey!

Enjoy! And remember to tag @refinedfitlab if you re-create our recipe!

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