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Tempeh Tacos

These tacos are incredible and have a crunchier texture to them than regular tofu tacos. Tempeh is still made from soy beans but it is more "beany" and tougher, therefore changing the texture!

Scroll down for full recipe!

What you will need to make these delicious tempeh tacos:

-Tony's Corn Tortillas

-Tempeh, crumbled

-Sweet Potato, diced

-Red Onion, diced

-Green Onion, both portions, diced

-Jalapeños, diced finely

-Cherry Tomatoes

-Fresh Basil, chopped


-Cumin Powder

-Chili Powder

-Smoked Paprika

-Sea Salt

-Avocado Oil

-Fresh Lime (optional)

First, you will need to carmelize your onions in a pan with your jalapenos, so dice them up, throw them in a pan with the avocado oil, and cook them until soft, adding the spices to the onions and jalepenos. You only want to use the bottom white part of the green onions for now - save the top green part for later on. Next, while the onions are cooking, you will want to dice up your sweet potatoes to prepare them for the next step. Once the onions are done, take them out of the pan to avoid burning them and throw the sweet potatoes in with some avocado oil. Cook until they get soft, then crumble your tempeh in with the sweet potatoes and spice everything with all 4 spices again. Once everything is cooked through, add the fresh chopped basil on top along with the halved cherry tomatoes. Then, at the end, add the green portion of the green onions (chopped) and make sure everything is cooking down together. Then, you are done! Turn the heat off, warm your corn shells however you please, place the taco mixture in the shells and top with avocado. Feel free to squeeze the juice of a fresh lime onto the tacos, or perhaps add some salsa of choice. Enjoy these healthy, unique, very flavorful tacos! 🌮

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