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Tofu “Egg” Scramble

Where are my egg allergy people? 🤚

It’s hard when you can’t have eggs because they’re an easy food to miss! But I have a bit of a solution for you for scrambled eggs here!

Scroll down for full recipe!

Tofu Egg Scramble:

•1 block of tofu, crumbled

•1-2 TBSP turmeric

•1-2 TBSP nutritional yeast

•Redmond’s Pink Himalayan Salt

•Fresh ground pepper

•Veggies of choice (I chose bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and basil and/or spinach would be amazing but I didn’t have any)

First you’ll want to sauté your vegetables separately. Place them in a pan with avocado, coconut, or olive oil and cook until soft. Set them aside. Now crumble the tofu into little scrambled egg type pieces, spice with all the spices besides the nutritional yeast, and continue to flip and mix them as it heats up. The tofu will stay fairly soft the entire time much like an egg would. Toward the end, add the nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavor until it is all incorporated. Then add the sautéed vegetables back and taste to see if you need any more of the spices you have. Serve just as you would scrambled eggs. Enjoy!

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